Bernal's Carpet Care: DRY FAST CARPET CLEANING  

Can Your Clean Carpet Really Dry in One Hour?

There are two types of soil: Dry soil and sticky soil. Routine vacuuming removes dry soil – removing sticky soil bound to the carpet fibers is where encapsulation shines.  Encapsulation utilizes a cleaning solution that contains crystallizing polymers that surround soil particles and pull them away from carpet fibers. Using a machine that offers good agitation in conjunction with the cleaning solution gives carpet fibers a deep clean by scrubbing the fibers on all sides to remove stains. 

As the crystallizing polymers cures (dries), it absorbs the sticky soils that hold the dry soil in the fiber. The polymer releases from the fiber, with the sticky soil encased, and becomes the vehicle for dirt removal via vacuuming. With the oily, sticky soils out of the way, the carpet immediately looks cleaner; and with no dirt-attracting residue left behind, the carpet continues to look good long after cleaning. 

Only a small amount of cleaning solution is needed so there is little risk of over-wetting. By using less cleaning solution, the carpet doesn’t become over-saturated, stains are less likely to reappear and it will dry faster.  This is a great method to use with carpets that have to dry quickly and with carpets that stains wick back (reappear).


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