Steps to follow to remove spots from your carpet.

1. Always clean the spot as soon as possible. Some people think they have protector and don't need to worry about it. Protector assists in keeping the spot at the top of the fibers, so that your clean up is more effective. It will not keep it up for ever.

 2. Use a spoon and remove any excess or chunks or solids so that just the spot remains.

 3. Use a damp white towel, and work from the outside of the spot towards the center.  Blot only do not scrub.  Check your towel and see if any of the spot is transferring to the towel. If it is continue to clean.

 4. If the stain is not transferring to the towel, use a spotting solution to clean up the spot.  Apply the spotting solution to the towel, not to the spot. Try to use a professional spot remover, a lot of the ones you buy in the store can cause rapid re-soiling and sometimes will even cause a spot to yellow. If not sure what type of solution check this  call us and we'll see if we can help. Do not overuse any cleaning solution.  To much soap is hard to remove and will cause the spot to re-soil and could cause browning.

 5. Apply the spotting solution and let it sit for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm clear water. Repeat until all the cleaning solution is removed.

 5. Avoid using hot water since it tends to set a stain.

 6. Place layers of white paper towels or rags on the spill to absorb the liquid. Place heavy items such as books on top of the towels and leave overnight. Make sure the heavy item is not staining. The stain should absorb into the towels. When you use white you can examine the towels to see if any transfer is made.

 7. Don't use bleach unless you know your carpet is safe to use bleach on. Test on an extra piece of carpet remnant or a spot in a closet.  Bleach removes color from your carpet. However if your carpet is made from Olefin, you can use bleach on it.  Always test first. (How do you know if you have an Olefin carpet, cut off a fiber and put it in a glass of water, if it floats it's olefin.  Also try bleach on it if the color doesn't come out it's olefin. Always test first in a inconspicuous spot.)

 8. Vacuum the area when the spot is dried.

 9. If the you can see the stain or it "wicks" (comes back to the surface after you thought it was gone) then repeat steps 3-8.


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