Bernal's Carpet Care: CLEANING TIPS  

Use Entrance Mats in Heavy Traffic Areas

As much as 75% of the soil in your home is tracked in by your shoes. Using mats inside and outside will the reduce the amount of soil in your carpet.  This will save you time and money and extend the life of your carpet.

 Vacuum Carpets Regularly

Effective vacuuming removes dry soil that can cause damage to carpet fibers, causing your carpet and protector to wear out faster. According to the Carpet & Rug Institute, vacuuming can remove up to 80% of dry soil not caught by the entrance mats.

Don't forget to vacuum your furniture and mattresses and car interiors.

 Clean up spills Immediately

Spills happen. Stains don't have to. Blot up stains immediately. See our guide.

 Clean your carpet regularly

Clean your carpets once a year, more for high traffic usage such as pets, children or lots of spills, less often if you have low traffic in your home. Don't wait till your carpets look dirty to have them cleaned. Carpet holds a lot of dirt that you don't see. This dirt scratches and cuts your carpet fibers causing it to wear out faster. If you clean it yourself avoid over-wetting and heavy use of soaps. Over-wetting can damage your carpet. The wrong soap could stay in your carpet and cause rapid re-soiling.

 Clean you Furniture and Automobile Interiors

Don't overlook your furniture, mattresses and automobiles when you clean your carpet.  All the benefits of cleaning carpet also apply to cleaning these items.

 Get Protector

See our page on protectors for reasons to use protector.


Getting the most out of your Vacuuming time!

 General Spotting Guidelines


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