Vacuuming is probably the one most single important thing you can do to extend the life of your carpet. Did you know there was a right way to vacuum?

Most people vacuum by swiftly going over the carpet, one pass that's all! Unfortunately this method doesn't give the vacuum time to do its job.  When you vacuum, go slowly over the area, the vacuum creates a suction to pull the dirt to the surface, if you pass over to quickly the vacuum has left the area before it can suck up the dirt. Vacuum slowly and pass over the same area a few times.

Another mistake people make is not vacuuming often enough.  The dirt that gets trapped into your carpet works like little pieces of sandpaper on your carpet fibers.  Each time you walk on the dirt you grind down the fiber causing it to wear out.  Once your carpet fibers have worn out there isn't any way to fix it except to replace the carpet with new expensive carpet.

The third mistake is waiting to see the dirt on your carpet before you vacuum. You need to vacuum before you can see the visible dirt on your carpet.  Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it is not there. You don't need to vacuum all the carpet all the time, but vacuum your high traffic areas daily and vacuum all the carpet weekly.

Another common mistake is not vacuuming your furniture and mattresses. What you don't do this? Why not? Think about the dirt and dead skin in these areas. Where does it go? When you sleep at night it goes into your mattress. During the day the dirt from your clothes gets into your upholstery and sitting will grind the dirt particles like the walking, not as quickly, but it will cause it to wear out earlier then it needs to.  Vacuum these regularly, weekly would be nice but most of us won't do that.  Try for a monthly vacuuming of these items, you' be suprised at how much dirt you can pull out of these items.

Remember dirty carpet and upholstery will not last as long as those that are maintained (vacuumed) and cleaned regularly.


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